Photo exhibition : 00 08' 00'

From 04/06/2022 to 03/09/2022

Place Joffre
Hôtel de Ville
68800 Thann

250 m

03 89 38 53 00

The sun's rays take about eight minutes to reach us. The stars, often studied to read our future, are paradoxically relics of the past. Capturing celestial bodies through photography (literally: "writing by light") can become a remedy for our existential ills; like a space conquest that keeps its feet on the ground. Exposing the stars of our daily lives means bringing them to life in our reality, the better to reconcile ourselves with them.

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Départ / RDV : City Hall
Opening hours During the opening hours of the Town Hall
Organised by City of Thann as part of the Mulhouse Photo Biennial


Rates (€) Free